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Specializing in custom made bags, packaging and promotional items.

Bringing you over 60 years of combined experience.

The Hershey Group, Inc., specializes in custom made bags, packaging, and promotional items.  Founded in 1992, we have grown to become a high-valued importing company that many distributors trust today. In 1997, the business expanded to include ad specialty items, providing promotional products and began to import products directly from overseas.  We only work through distributors and we do not sell direct.

Fast Quotes

Our customers routinely say that THG has the best communication in the business. We pride ourselves in fast response times, open and honest answers, ethical business practices and most importantly…ease of use.  Quotes we provide you include all costs.  Freight, duties, QC/safety testing, and all inland freight to your required destination.

24 hour quote request

Quotes include all costs

Great Prices

The Hershey Group has the buying power to keep us competitive and deliver affordable solutions to our clients.  Because of our relationships with our factories and business partners, we can offer the most competitive pricing. We treat our factories as we do our customers, as partners.

Bulk buying of popular items at a low cost

import buying from overseas at low prices

Concept Design & Product Engineering

We will walk you through the entire process.  Starting with our recommendations and custom 3D renderings, samples for reference of design and materials.  We will guide you through all of the steps necessary to custom produce the item the best way the first time.  Count on us for a collaborative approach to your requirements great ideas and superb

Custom Design of products

3D renderings and samples


Global sourcing, especially in today’s marketplace, takes a vigilant attention to detail and long standing relationships to produce a positive outcome.  We rely on the Hershey Group because time and time again, they have shown us that they blend these two traits with responsiveness and transparency better than anyone else. 

– Pete – National Accounts Director

I recently completed a very complicated project with Toni and The Hershey Group.  It involved major brainstorming!  There were multiple option materials needing to be presented to the customer. We had to work within security protocol due to sensitive product information. There were multiple prototype renditions.  There were material price increases.  There is variable data involved.  Needless to say – this project was complicated.  I was updated during production with all available pictures.  I was communicated with very effectively.  The end result product was what was agreed on and what the customer expected.  If they can handle something this complicated I can only imagine what they can do when it is something significantly less involved.  I will be trusting The Hershey Group with all of my future custom projects because they have more than proven that they are the right choice. 

– Brian – Distributor

Mike and The Hershey Group team are true partners. They deliver timely, accurate quotes and make cost-savings suggestions. They go above and beyond to ensure our overseas orders are produced to perfection. They have helped ease the pain and barriers that have been hampering our industry the last 18 months. We are fortunate to be able to rely on such a great company for custom production and importing expertise.    

– Al Miano, ASI Distributor

Working with The Hersey Group over the past several years, we have developed a lasting relationship.  They listen to our specific requests, going the extra mile and working hard to insure that we and our clients are happy with the end product.  We welcome new ideas and suggestions they offer.  THG has always been quick in responding, keeping us informed as projects move along.  Would recommend THG for your custom importing needs.

– Paula, Client Engagement Manager