Do you have 'stock' items available to be imprinted and shipped out?

No.  Every item we produce is custom made to order per our client’s request.

What are your minimum’s (MOQ’s) for items?

This really depends on the item.  Our custom USB drives start with a minimum of 250 pieces.  Whereas a custom offset printed bag may require an order of 2500 pieces.  Materials and printing required will determine the MOQ .  Your dedicated sales representative can advise you on these details and options you can present to your client.

What are your timelines?

Depending on the item,  our typical timelines for custom items are 60-90 days, this includes manufacturing and ocean shipping time.

How quickly will I receive complete pricing for my particular request?

Our goal is to provide you with complete pricing within 24 hours of your requests.  We strive to keep our clients updated with any news on pricing, sample updates, or status of a project in production.

How do I know I will receive what I ordered?

We supply pre-production samples for final approval before production begins.

During production, we have several layers of quality control. One internal by our factory and a 2nd inspection by an independent 3rd party inspection service.

How will you arrange delivery to our client?

The Hershey Group handles all aspects of delivery.

From ocean freight from the port in China, clearing customs here in the states, railing from port to local yard, and arranging truck to your final destination.

All freight from door to door is included in our pricing to you.

What items are you best at supplying?

The Hershey Group got its start with bag and packaging related item.  Since then we have expanded our custom capabilities to include plastics, wood, metal, electronics.

After 20 years of manufacturing and 16 years of direct importing experience, we know the items that we can offer to you at the lowest price and highest quality.

Items that we are not confident in sourcing from the best factory, or have history with we will pass. We would rather walk away from a project than let you and your clients down.